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IMA’s U.S. Headquarters is fully staffed by volunteers who are dedicated to our cause. We are committed to growing our organization by fostering connection and communication with all those who are interested in our work. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.
If you are interested in learning more about IMA, you can fill out this form, or call at the number below.

IMA (International Medical Assistance)
Phone: (213) 200-9238


Jamie Randy: 
Executive Board of Directors
Jason Randy:

John Capone:

Sandy Lee:
Sponsorship Relations Coordinator
Pam Capone:
Director and Principle of IMA School
Cesiah Del Cid de Barrera
Public Relations of Guatemalan Donations

Bessie Del Cid
US Headquarters
PO BOX 5497
San Clemente, Ca 92674
6 calle 3-50 Zona 8 de Mixco,               
Aldea El Campanero, San Cristóbal
Guatemala, Centro América
Organization Status
Non-Profit and Tax Exempt Corporation
Section 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) of the Internal Revenue Service


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Your support and contributions are what makes IMA successful and improve the lives of so many wonderful girls and young women. 

If you desire to assist IMA in any fashion, please use this web form (below) to contact IMA.

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