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IMA Sponsorship

IMA is fully sponsor supported. Since the organization's inception, all of its programs have relied on the generous contributions of donors. When IMA's school opened in Guatemala, rather than rely on general donations, sponsors were sought to pair with each of the girls throughout their years of study. Not only did this bring sponsors into the IMA family, but it began relationships that lasted years where sponsors and girls could communicate and interact with one another through letters, gifts, and photos. These relationships have created an ever widening circle of support that now spans the United States. Nearly all who sponsor IMA girls have been introduced to the school through word of mouth.

Many sponsors have visited the school to meet with their students in person. These have been incredibly rewarding and touching experiences. Most sponsors, however, simply interact through cards and as frequent contact as they wish. These supporters don't just financially support IMA's projects, they bring hope to the lives of their sponsor girls. Volunteers have witnessed countless examples of students who are lifted up and who choose to persevere when they find out that someone loves them, cares about them, and wants them to succeed.

There are two options for sponsorship at IMA. Generally sponsors contribute $60 on a monthly basis. This money goes towards covering the cost of education, food, teachers' salaries, and all the others expenses needed for the school to function. New sponsors receive color pictures of their sponsor students, short bios of their stories, and IMA organizational information. They are then able to begin communicating with their girls through letters and e-mail. IMA will gladly  translate any such messages to and from its students.

If you are interested in sponsoring a student or learning more you can contact IMA here.

A volunteer will contact you through phone or e-mail and will answer any questions you may have about IMA or the sponsorship process. Make the choice today to change a child's life forever!