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 Why Volunteer
 Service Trips to Guatemala
 Help from Home

Why Volunteer

From project building activities to school visits, fund-raising to team-building there are many ways to become involved. IMA's volunteers believe in the idea that their work not only helps to benefit the lives of the girls in Guatemala but deeply enriches their own. The countless testimonials of previous volunteers show how life-changing their experiences have been.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Service Trips to Guatemala

IMA schedules bi-annual Service trips to Guatemala in February and August. These trips consist of six to twelve volunteers of varying ages. Projects are designed in a collaborative effort between IMA staff and volunteers to meet the current needs of IMA's school. Many other activities are customized to utilize the unique talents and gifts of individual members of the team. We have had reoccurring projects in the areas of education, medicine, special instruction, teacher training and more. Specialized projects have included:

  • An Optometrist's clinic providing eye-exams and prescription glasses.
  • Engineers designing irrigation systems and structural additions to existing buildings to increase the capacity and capability of the school.
  • Educators creating a behavioral and scholastic award system complete with a general store and supplies for students to earn rewards for their accomplishments.
  • Artist's creating fine art projects and providing supplies to expose the girls to creative endeavors and self expressions.

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Help from Home

Volunteers may also choose to assist IMA from their respective homes across the United States.  This allows you to contribute to IMA with your talents without leaving the country.  Some examples of these types of projects are:

  • Business professionals assisting with the overall IMA strategic plan and marketing activities.
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Sponsor communication
  • Fundraising
  • Webmaster and HTML programming
  • Marketing Activities
  • Website Content
  • Graphic Designs
  • Editor
  • Spanish Translator – Edit
  • Typing and Computer
  • ACSI Teachers and Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Training for Teachers
  • English Teachers
  • Photographer and Videographer
  • DVD Presentation Production
  • IMA Presentations
  • Prayer Partners
  • Fundraising

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